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Frequently Asked Questions

Are raw diets safe?

Yes! Quality raw meats are not just safe, but ideal for your pets. With appropriate diets, their immune system is stronger and digestive system functions better.

What are the benefits of a raw diet?

There’s an endless list of benefits to feeding your pet raw, but here’s the top 7 reasons why you should:

1. Healthier and shinier coat

2. Improved oral health and breath

3. Smaller, firmer stool

4. No flaky skin

5. Higher energy levels

6. Less allergies

7. Improved digestion

Are fruits and vegetables healthy for dogs?

Yes, fruits and veggies are high in fibre, energy, vitamins, some minerals, and other nutrients.

How do I transition my dog to a raw diet properly?

We suggest fasting for 12 hours (overnight) on just water.

Additionally, we recommend that you do not mix raw food and kibble; it is better to transition as both types of food are digested differently.

Can I switch between meat sources on a raw diet?

Yes, as long as your pet is not allergic to certain meats, you are able to switch between different raw meat sources.

Do you cook the food before feeding it?

No, in fact, we recommend that you do not!

If you do forget to take the food out to thaw, we recommend placing the container in a dish of cool water in your sink. However, the best method is to let defrost in your refrigerator.

We recommend ensuring safe handling and area sanitization when dealing with raw food. Keep leftovers refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Can I mix raw meat and kibble?

No, we do not recommend mixing. These types of food are digested differently and it is hard on the dogs if you keep switching between raw and kibble.

I noticed my dog is drinking less water, should I be concerned?

No! Since the food is raw and frozen, there is more moisture in the food keeping your dog hydrated. Compared to kibble, where there is no moisture, dogs have to drink more to compensate.