Pets are our business. We want to make sure they get the very best nutrition from the people who care about them. That’s why we make it easy for you to become a dealer. 

We offer a large selection of natural raw dog and cat food options, as well as healthy treats. Our products are designed to help pets enjoy the 5 pillars of good pet health.

-Shiny Coat
-Strong Muscles
-Clean Teeth
-High Energy Levels
-Healthy Digestion

We also carry a great assortment of pet toys and accessories like collars and leashes, allowing our dealers to offer a complete line of RuffGrub pet products.


Why Join The Ruff Grub Family?

We are dedicated to helping our dealers maximize their success with products that are healthy and made from the finest ingredients. We make it easy for you to add RuffGrub to your existing product catalog by providing you with information and resources that include detailed product descriptions and helpful tips.

No Minimum Orders

Unlike other businesses that force their partners to take on huge inventories, we don’t require minimum orders. We believe in helping our partners achieve their business goals. We make ordering simple— you let us know how much you need and we’ll fill the order.

Fast Delivery Time

We believe in only providing the highest quality products to our vendors and customers, so we make sure delivery is quick and done right. All of our products are shipped in climate-controlled vehicles and are delivered within two weeks. With skid delivery for easy transport and transfer, managing your products is easy. 

The dealer pays for the delivery, which will be included in the quote separately. We also give dealers the option, if applicable, to arrange their own delivery.

On Brand Packaging

When building a business, it is important to create brand awareness. This is why all our products are shipped in the same packaging as the store. Creating familiarity and brand recognition for your customers makes RuffGrub a trusted product that they will come to love for their pets!

Our packaging is color-coded so you can easily see what ingredients are inside and which pet it is most suited for so they may enjoy healthy and delicious meals every day. We also provide accurate breed and size information for each type of food.

Advice and Education

RuffGrub has been helping pet owners provide their furry friends with delicious and healthy food and treats that are both affordable and tasty, too! We know you want to begin doing the same as soon as possible. As a result, we have created easy-to-understand information and education for our dealers about how you can get started.

All the information you need about our products is available whenever you need it. Get the latest ingredients and nutritional information so you can always keep your customers up to date on how RuffGrub can help their pets lead long and healthy lives.ingredients and nutritional information so you can always keep your customers up to date on how Ruff Grub can help their pets lead long and healthy lives.

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Getting Started

If you are ready to begin helping pet owners make great food and accessories choices for their pets, RuffGrub invites you to fill out our simple dealer information form. This will let us get to know you a bit better so we can help you maximize your product growth as a RuffGrub dealer.